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"Chisan-Chishou" stands for "Chiiki-seisan and Chiiki-shouhi".
The concept of Chisan-Chishou is local farm products are consumed in the area.
You can enjoy a variety of dishes using fresh vegetables produced at our farm and various local ingredients.
Please enjoy our regional and seasonal cuisine.

Nishiyatsu Onsen Miyamoto-no-yu

Nishiyatsu Onsen Miyamoto-no-yu

Private bath

Open-air bath and indoor-bath.
Charge:2,000yen for 50 minutes
(reservation required)

Public bath

Open-air bath : Sumo ring style bath.
The time for men and for women is switched once in a day.
Communal bathing time : All day long except cleaning time (7:00pm ~ 7:30pm)

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(Reformed historic farmhouse of more than 200 years old)

Nishiyatsu Onsen Miyamoto-no-yu

This facility owner is a former professional Sumo wrestler. He also serves as chef and provides authentic Chanko cuisine.
*Chanko is a type of hotpot dish eaten mainly by professional sumo wrestlers.
You will see Sumo uniform and also have chance to take Sumo lecture.
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Chichibu Furusato-mura

Experience Japanese country life.

Chichibu Furusato-mura

National natural monument "Youbake"

There are huge white cliffs called Youbake in 100m high 400m width.
The cliffs were originally formed 15 million years ago and many type of fossils were found from there.

Battle field against Shingen Takeda

Chichibu area was territory of Odawara Hojo at Sengoku era.
At that time, Takeda (warlord of Kai province) attacked several times and it's been told the battle fields were around Chichibu Furusato Village. We still can see the trace of them.
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The owner plans sumo wrestler's regular visit for foreign tourists.

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